Mens Aviator Jackets

Over the decades, leather jackets have seen a number of design shifts, and if you look at the market now, you will see that many different types of jacket fashion are available for you to choose from. An example of this would be the mens aviator jacket, which was first designed for use by pilots during World War II. One of the most classic coats, which you can use as a vintage layer to add some old-school fashion to your attire. Who knew that pilot wear would look so damn good on you?

These days, mens aviator jackets are available in a wide variety of designs, ranging from traditional leather to full-grain or even synthetic ones.

Aviator Jackets - It Can't Get Better Than This

People often referred to them as a design that is absolutely ageless and inspired by the antique gear that pilots used during the World War II period as “Pilot Jackets.” Today, the world widely considers them to be one of the most classic examples of men's fashion, particularly during the colder months.

The primary reason why the government created them was with the intention of shielding the pilots flying open-roof airplanes from the adverse effects of high-altitude climate. After the war, these military gears received a rework to function as more than important pieces of clothing that you can wear throughout the year.

The Correct Way to Pull These Off

It is a fundamental component of menswear, and layering it with an aviator overcoat will provide you with the most dashing and epic look that will most definitely put you in the center of attention.

Here's how you can rock this style:

If you want a completely formal touch while maintaining your awesomeness, this is the option for you. Your formal edit would benefit from the addition of a brown aviator jacket. The compliments will follow you around all day, regardless of whether you are on job or off duty.

To help you maintain your sense of style during the weekend, we recommend that you try wearing a black aviator jacket. Not only is this jacket fashionable, but it also allows you to obtain the greatest appearance possible to wow whoever you are with. If you want to give the impression of more sophistication, consider accessorizing with a brown turtleneck and boots. When the temperature drops, you'll find that this combination is rather cozy and toasty.

Leather aviator jackets are the epitome of cool, and they have a classic aesthetic that only adds to the overall charm of the outfit.