The Starting of the 8 Ball Leather Jackets

Michael Hoban opened North Beach Leather in San Francisco in the 1960s, where you could purchase one of the best-styled 8 Ball Jacket. Jackie Onassis and Edie Murphy made the first orders that kicked off these epic designs and set the standard for future leather enthusiasts.

The groundbreaking NBC sitcom Seinfeld served as an initial source of motivation for the 8-ball vibes. The audience received some fresh style ideas thanks to this comedy.

As Hoban was driving home from the office, the concept for this jacket slammed into his mind. In 1986, he was standing at a bowling alley when he noticed the shoe sizes were marked on the heels.

As soon as he did, he began working on a jacket that included an 8-ball insignia. This 8-ball emblem is the focal point of the garment whether worn on the sleeve or shoulder.

People Always Love the Leather Vibes

The people loved the Eight Balls Jackets and Coats when they first came out. And it's still going strong because people have an undeniable fondness for dressing themselves in leather, especially that which screams retro fashion. Even after all the redesigns and alterations, the classic 8-ball logo remains.

Anyone who appreciates style will like this since it combines both remarkableness and comfort. It's crafted from real, high-quality leather in a variety of colors. Here on our site, you'll find an abundance of options from which to choose.

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We have an 8 Ball Black Leather Bomber Jacket, an 8 Ball Black Jacket from the Nineties, a Women's Stylish 8 Ball Pool Leather Jacket, and a Men's 8 Ball Fur Hooded Jacket in our 8 Ball Jackets Collection.

Everything You Need

There's such a wide variety of hues in each jacket that it's hard to pass up as your go-to for laid-back outings. Whether you're attending a formal event, meeting up with friends, or just hanging out with that special someone, this is the perfect outfit to show off your sense of style.

Each jacket was handcrafted from real leather, so your worries regarding its quality are unfounded. Additionally, we employ high-quality YK zippers to withstand the rigors of your everyday routine.

Therefore, if you consider yourself a genuine fan of the popular comedy series, you can show your appreciation and dedication by purchasing this 8 Ball Jacket.