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The All Of Us Are Dead Outfits Collection to Die For

Chun Sung Il wrote the script for the terrifying South Korean television drama All of Us Are Dead, which was produced by Kim Nam Su and Lee Jae Kyoo. The program is partly based on the very popular webcomic we all know as Now at Our School by Joo Dong Geun. The show includes appearances by Yoon Chan Young, Park Ji Hoo, Lee Yoo Mi, Park Solomon, Yoo In Soo, Cho Yi Hyun, Kim Jin Young, and Kim Bo Yoon. Additionally, the movie All of Us Are Dead was made available on Netflix on January 28, 2022. So get ready for the All Of Us Are Dead Outfits at Jackets MOB.

Turn On Your Imagination

The story takes place in a high school that gets attacked by a zombie infection breakout. The plot of the program centers on a conflict between students and zombies that are unable to get food, drink, or even a phone connection. The remaining students now have to protect themselves from the plague and plan a way out of the building without getting a love bite from one of their zombie friends.

All Of Us Are Dead Merchandise

Feeling bored and tired? Then here's something fun for you to do. Imagine you are wearing a kick-ass outfit with a street and modern vibe. Now think of a world filled with danger and mystery...! You're taking a stroll down a calm street close to your school while enjoying the relaxing atmosphere. Out of nowhere, these ugly-looking zombies arrive and start to brutally murder, bite, and slice everyone around you. Now, you must conquer your fear and start acting like a hero. Because it's everyone for themselves. The questions remain, “Will You Kill, Or Will You Be Killed?” But the most important thing is that you look absolutely epic while doing it!

Bringing You What You Want

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It doesn't matter if the environment is unsettling or terrifying; what matters is that you like the things the characters wear and can get your hands on them. Your friends who also love this show will be burning with jealousy as you show off an outfit that their favorite character wore on the TV show. Whether it's for a night party or a formal get-together, you can't go wrong with any of them.