Varsity Jackets Worth Buying

Need something to go with your street-look fashion? Or you are looking for a Mens Varsity Jackets that makes your outfit stand out from the rest? Well, if that's the case, maybe our varsity jacket collections will have the exact epic upper you need. However, the varsity jacket is a piece of clothing that is effortlessly chic. It is sportier than bomber jackets but more preppy than track jackets. Other names for the varsity jacket include the letterman jacket, the baseball jacket, and the jock jacket.

The Good Ol' Times

Back in high school, varsity jackets were the ultimate status symbol, an immediate signal of universal awesomeness. If you haven't had the chance to live out your homecoming dream. Furthermore, we have some good news for you: in today's world, you don't even need to be a part of a team or have even the slightest interest in sports in order to pull off a homecoming. However, this does not imply that it is time to go into your grandfather's wardrobe and give his letterman a good cleaning.

The Evolution of Varsity

Over the course of the last couple of decades, varsity jackets have transitioned from a sportswear mainstay to a designer favorite. Now brands from all over the fashion galaxy are getting in on the action. While it's true that some people are still dedicated to duplicating the style that your dad wore in his yearbook photographs. Others are just using the silhouette as a launching pad for their own high-flying interpretations of the look. Whether you're looking to flaunt your elite-level taste, reflect your favorite fashion house or skate brand, or just show off your refined aesthetic, there's a varsity jacket in Jackets Mob's collection that's perfect for you.

The Latest in Men's Varsity Jackets

Our adaptable varsity jackets for men feature a little less bulk and a bit more structure, with flattering shapes and a variety of elegantly subdued pastel colorways to select from. The bulk varsity is kind of a thing of the past and new trends demand them to be more fashionable and flatter. Aside from bringing in new designs, we went full creative and added the much-in-demand accessories to our collections so that you have more variety to choose from. At Jackets Mob, we try to serve every customer that comes to us looking for something they need. And that's exactly what we aim to accomplish.

Bringing You What You Need

This season, the all-American uniform of high school football players has been given a fashion makeover. And when change comes, we always welcome it. Check out our assortment of varsity-inspired clothes and letterman coats for guys. These are the main things you need to pull off this season's greatest trend, which ranges from athletic to preppy to vintage to classic styles. You know the best part; we have something for every style and everyone!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are they similar to lettermen?

You've got it right. It's the same name. High school athletes who compete at the varsity level get letters of recognition from their schools in the form of varsity letters. When a player achieves a certain level of success in a sport, they get a letter.

What exactly are they crafted from?

Premium versions often have leather sleeves and a body made of wool. This practice dates back centuries. There are a number of different choices accessible to you.

How is the decoration done?

We are able to create coats with writing made of chenille or felt. The standard established by the athletic director of each institution is quite important.

How much time does it take to make one jacket?

After manually crafting the letters, each jacket is then individually decorated by hand. In the production of our jackets, we don't use any ready-made components or materials in any way. We produce each unique jacket as the order comes in for that chenille or felt. Some portions we stitch by hand, while others we do it using a sewing machine. Ensuring that everything turns out correctly requires a drawn-out and laborious procedure.

Can I make changes after I've placed my order?

Maybe. But not all adjustments are doable. These are one-of-a-kind jackets that are made to order, and various components we sew and put together at separate periods. If production has already begun, it may be too late to make changes because your order is already in process.

Are there any savings to be had by purchasing in larger quantities?

Yes. Even while each of the jackets is a one-of-a-kind personalized production, there are still opportunities for savings if you place your purchase in quantity. In most cases, this would begin with ten or more individuals for a club or squad.

How can I place an order?

Just visit our website and find something you like. Add it to the cart and key in your details. Please don't forget to add any extra instructions so that we know exactly what you need.

Special Sizes?

Of course. We are able to tailor our jackets to fit everyone, from the tiniest gymnasts to the biggest football players. We are able to provide coats with longer sleeve lengths and/or longer body lengths for those larger gentlemen.

Can I choose my own letter?

Yes. On the jacket, we normally sew the letter that was granted to the recipient. If you don't have a letter yet but are certain that you will, you may place your purchase early and we will provide you with a loaner letter (if available). We can also manufacture a replica letter of most letters so that you may preserve the original as a keepsake for an additional fee, however, this service is not available for all letters.

Have you designed them for our institution?

Maybe. Probably. Hopefully. We have previously manufactured jackets for a number of the area schools, thus we most likely have the specification. If we don't have it, we may work from a photo of another jacket, or we are pleased to collaborate with the Athletic Director to figure out the specifications.